It was a busy second full day in our new studios at my new time. And with the commute up to Delray Beach, and the engineer in house doing some final tweaking, it was a looong day. So sorry for getting the details of today’s show posted so late. But better late than never!

Brad Friedman, who’s been covering election issues for over a decade at The Brad Blog and for the past year or so on his BradCast (heard here on The Nicole Sandler Show stream weekday evenings at 8pm Eastern/ 5 Pacific) joined me to give his journalistic take on the charges of election fraud and more that have been thrown around of late.

Randi Rhodes was in her studio (on the other side of the glass) and jumped in for a very lively discussion too. It was definitely a moment to remember.

In hour two, it was the debut of Laffy’s “Tweet Spot”. GottaLaff has been my Tuesday morning second hour co-host for what feels like years. So with the move to our new time, Laffy is still my Tuesday second hour regular compadre — her blog moved with me from Radio or Not to the new Laffy’s Place (which you can now also access directly at

Near the end of the show, I referenced Glenn Greenwald’s latest piece at The Intercept, “Brexit Is Only the Latest Proof of the Insularity and Failure of Western Establishment Institutions“. Take the time to read his indictment of the corporate media in the UK’s leave vote.

Tomorrow, we’ll take you back down FloriDUH way with Deborah Newell, and actress/activist/PDA board member Mimi Kennedy joins me too!

See you at 2 ET.