It’s all over  but the crying. With “Fast Track Authority,” the biggest gift Congressional Republicans ever gave a Democratic President, all that’s needed for passage of the TPP (and coming soon on its heels, TiSA, the Trans Atlantic deal and others) only needs a simple 51 vote majority for passage.

Progressive fought hard but, as we will eventually learn, the power is housed with the money. In this case, it’s the big multi-national corporations that rule the world. By the time the average, uninformed, happily naive world citizen realizes the extent to which we’ve all been screwed (and not in a good way), it’ll be too late.

Dave Johnson has been riding the battles out with me most every Wednesday morning, so he came back today to take our tough medicine.  He wrote about the massive defeat for progressives, labor and working class America: “Wall Street And Big Corporations Got What They Wanted – This Time.

My fellow FloriDUH resident Deborah Newell Tornello couldn’t be here today, so she left it up to me to pull some weirdness from the Oy FloriDUH files, like “Miami has a pooping problem,” “Stuporhero arrested by cops,” and “Fla Pizza Man Discovers Rooster Fighting Operation” (and do note the spelling and grammatical errors in that last one).

Really, the only good news I have to offer is that Driftglass will return to the show tomorrow and, thanks to popular demand, will join in every other Thursday morning… radio or not!