I always thought the title of this online media station “Radio or Not” was self-explanatory, especially when you see the logo with the “A” in “radio” replaced by and old-time radio, and the “O” in “Not” replaced by a computer. It’s radio but with the signal going over the internet instead of over the airwaves via a transmitter, so it’s radio, or not. Get it?

As I’m going through boxes and boxes of memorabilia and other stuff I’ve amassed over the last few decades, I’ve been taking an audio stroll down memory lane. Along with the memories, both good and bad, I’ve been reminded how different the industry is now from when I began my radio career, way back in 1979!

I have a few kindred spirits in my longing for the old days. One of them is Stephanie Miller whose own show is on weekday mornings from 6-9am Pacific Time – partially overlapping with my own daily 10-noon Eastern time slot… So, it was through the magic of digital “tape” that Steph was able to join me on my show this morning to promote her new book, Sexy Liberal: Of Me I Sing!

We talked about the book, the sad state of our industry, and even a bit of politics…

As we do each Wednesday morning, in the first hour I was joined by Deborah Newell Tornello for another edition of the Oy FloriDUH Files.  Here are some of the stories we told today:

And what I consider to be the quintessential FloriDUH story… first, the set-up:

And what happened when they suck the barge?

And that, dear listener, is FloriDUH in a nutshell.

I’ll be back tomorrow with whatever the day’s news brings, radio or not!