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Our Monday Music segment has teamed up with Michele Clark’s Sunset Sessions, which just means that we’ve got big plans for the future!

Today, we welcome Austin-based singer/songwriter Sara Hickman for some musical medicine for what ails us. Unfortunately, what ails us is a very sick country, still battling the COVID-19 pandemic and topped with a hefty serving of white supremacy, police brutality, and institutionalized racism. We’ll begin the show, as usual, with the latest news, information and commentary. Good thing Sara Hickman will help ground us in the second half of the show.

Check out Sara’s Facebook page, where she performs a song each day at 2:30 Austin TX time, and a full hour-long concert on Fridays!


Today’s “funny” was more poignant than ha ha funny, but worthy of checking out anyway. It’s from Don Caron and the Parody Project...