Fubar Friday



What a long, strange week it’s been!

First, Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton in Indiana by 5 points, but the media refuses to acknowledge that the Democratic race is long from over, pushing Clinton as “inevitable.”

Then Donald Trump beat all expectations to crush Cruz and Kasich badly enough that they both threw in their respective towel, becoming the presumptive nominee. :blown mind:

We are in the midst of some frightening, albeit fascinating times.

I’ve missed being able to talk to Thomas Frank over the past year or so. He’s guested on my show fairly often, probably because every time I’d read one of his articles, I’d want him to come on to talk about it. I really love him, and his new book, Listen, Liberal – or – What Ever Happened to the Party of the People? might be his best yet. 

He joined me in the first hour of the show today to explain why today’s Democratic party is not our parent’s Democratic party, and whose fault it is. I’ll have to invite him back on soon to find out his thoughts on how we fix the problem. Regardless, a conversation with Thomas Frank always leaves me wanting more!

In the second hour, I opened the phones again to ask your thoughts on making plans for whatever may happen after the convention. 

In the meantime, during today’s show, Lee Fang (who was with us on Wednesday morning) published a new article at The Intercept this morning, “Atlanta Mayor’s Column Ripping Bernie Sanders Drafted by Lobbyist, Emails Show,” explaining how David Brock’s Correct the Record PAC edited that column before it was published! 

This is going to be a long six months till November 8.

And now, the weekend is here. If you’re in Florida’s 21st congressional district, please come out tomorrow, Saturday May 7, between 10 and 2 to vote for David Sloane and me to be Bernie Sanders delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July. All the details are here. 

Otherwise, I’ll see you back here Monday, radio or not!

Here’s today’s preshow music: