Stop TPP Fast Track

Bernie meme

Today’s mantras: Slow down Fast Track, and Go, Bernie, Go!

Let’s begin with Bernie who, less than a week after declaring his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president, now boasts that more than 200,000 people have signed up to work on his campaign! That astounding number comes after his campaign boasts that small donors came together in the first 24 hours of his campaign to donate $1.5 million!!

As many are realizing now, do not underestimate Bernie Sanders!

I’ve talked about Senator Sanders‘ awesomeness many times over the years with The Nation‘s John Nichols, who joined me this morning to talk about Bernie Sanders, presidential candidate!

Among John Nichol’s recent writings are these must-reads:

Remember, information and knowledge are power. And when someone mentions that Bernie Sanders is a “Socialist,” you can respond with his answer to George Stephanopolous about it…

Bernie Sanders has made no secret of his opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and to the Fast Track or Trade Promotion Authority the Obama administration is pulling out all the stops to pass.

Sadly, the administration has launched a smear campaign trying to discredit the critics of this deal and the rush to push it through Congress without allowing for serious debate or any amendments.

My friend Dave Johnson writes for, at the Campaign for America’s Future.  If you just look at Dave’s blog entries, you’ll see that he’s covered the TPP and all related issues tirelessly, and has been a frequent guest on this program, helping us cut through the bullshit we’re being fed about it.

His latest, “Upside Down: McConnell Praises Obama on Trade, White House Scolds Reid,” shows that we have, indeed, fallen through the rabbit hole into opposite world!

An Open Letter To The President

Dear President Obama,

When Mitch McConnell says you are “speaking truth to

[your] base,” your White House is blasting the Democratic leader in the Senate, Speaker Boehner is calling on Hillary Clinton to join you in taking on Democrats (wow that’s good election advice!) and billionaires are on your side against unions and environmental groups … isn’t it time to step back and take a look at what you’ve gotten yourself into?


Every Democrat, every Progressive, every labor union, over 2,000 advocacy organizations, faith groups, health groups, democracy groups, consumer groups, LGBT groups, immigrant rights groups, consumer groups, everyone who has had their job moved out of the country, everyone afraid their job will be moved out of the country, every company that wants to manufacture and/or do things in America, collectively known as We the People.

Dave Johnson will be back with us next Wednesday morning to keep us informed about the fight for and against this travesty. Stay tuned, and call your congressional representatives to urge them to VOTE NO on Fast Track!

Tomorrow, as long as he’s still feeling up to it, Howie Klein returns! And we’ll see whatever else the day brings, radio or not!