That’s the Alberta Tar Sands burning. Yes, the place where the gunk that would have flowed through the Keystone XL pipeline, had it been approved, past the Ogalalla Aquifer in Nebraska, down to refineries in Texas. We stopped it (for now).

But the province of Alberta is burning, already claiming more than 1600 buildings and forced the evacuation of the entire city of Fort McMurray. 

And Donald Trump, climate change denier, is the Republican nominee. Something is seriously amiss in our world.

Today is Thursday, and it’s Harvey J. Kaye’s week, just in time to talk about Bernie’s win in Indiana, his path forward, and Harvey’s latest for, “Time for Radical Action, Not National Therapy“.

Howie Klein is back after a two-week absence. He got a nice award from his alma mater, Stony Brook on Long Island last week, so I asked him about that and took advantage of the opportunity to get him to talk about booking bands to perform on campus back then. If you didn’t know, Howie has a long and fascinating history in the music business, and it’s always a treat to hear his tales.

Tomorrow’s Friday… and Thomas Frank joins in the first hour, so be here, radio or not!

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