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Nicole and her Mom, 1960

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Nicole and her daughter Alison, 2000












Today is May 3, a very important day in my life. That’s my mom (holding me) in the picture on the left. Today would have been her 84th birthday, but she died at 47 from chronic leukemia, just a week or so before I turned 20. 

That’s my daughter, sitting on my lap in the picture on the right. Her birthday is May 3 too, a birthday she also shares with the daughter of my one of my oldest and best friends- and with another friend since the 7th grade.

I told the whole story at the beginning of today’s show… but sometimes things just work out as they’re supposed to.

Which is what I believe will happen if the Democratic party elders and the media’s self-appointed election arbiters would get out of the way and let the people keep voting.

I’ll make this short and sweet today, as I’m going to spend the day with my 17-year old daughter today!

After Hillary Clinton stuck her foot in her mouth again, this time on the subject of coal, I decided it was time to invite Bob Kincaid back on the show. Bob is a pioneering internet radio host at the Head On Radio Network, and an indefatigable activist in the struggle to end Mountaintop Removal mining and for the ACHE Actthe Appalachian Community Health Emergency Campaign.

And it’s Gliberal Goddess™ Tuesday, when @GottaLaff, Amy Simon and I get together to talk about anything and everything on our minds… 

Below, my preshow music set of songs for May 3…

I’ll be back tomorrow, radio or not!