I’m feeling a little guilty today. A decade or so ago, David Letterman was my regular late night TV viewing. But I was seduced by Comedy Central’s edgier offerings of Colbert and Stewart, and they became my nightly fare – when I could stay awake that late.

I began DVRing Dave a week or two ago, knowing that the end was near. It made me remember why I loved Letterman so much back in the day. But it was the montages and clips from the really adventurous days that were sprinkled liberally throughout last night’s finale that brought back the memories, and made me long for the old days.

He went out with grace and humor, and I hope we’ll hear from him again – especially since he seemed to embrace his inner liberal sensibilities more and more as the show got closer to its final broadcast!

I’m looking forward to seeing what Stephen Colbert does with The Late Show. I can’t wait until he signs on in September. I’ll set the DVR as soon as it allows.

This morning on the show, Marcy Wheeler attempted to explain to me the point of Rand Paul’s latest fauxlibuster. He held the Senate floor for 10.5 hours, assisted by 10 other senators, including Democrats Ron Wyden, Richard Blumenthal and Martin Heinrich, ostensibly to filibuster the renewal of the Patriot Act or the USA Freedom Act (I’m still not entirely clear on it).

Rand Paul did succeed in delaying the cloture vote to close debate on TPA (Trade Promotion Authority or Fast Track) until this morning. The vote took place while Marcy was on with me, so we watched as it passed in real-time by a final vote of 62-38.

It was stalled for a while so a deal could be cut. Mitch McConnell reportedly promised a vote on the Export-Import Bank in June, enough to get turncoats Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray and a few others to vote with the Republicans and move Fast Track forward. The full vote should come by Saturday, in time for the senate to go on a two-week Memorial Day vacation. Ugh.

Next up, the House…. stay tuned!

In the second hour, I gave Digby the challenge of making us happy. Sadly, our conversation about the issues didn’t do that. From Fast Track to the DSCC choosing nominees for senate races and more, the topics we discussed did little to affect our collective mood.

Thankfully, she shared this video of newborn clouded leopard cubs, enough to put a smile on every face!

Tomorrow, we wrap up the week with Congressman Alan Grayson (I’m sure he’ll have lots to say about Fast Track), my favorite Republican John LeBoutillier, and a Flashback Friday musical treat to close out the week… radio or not!