CA or Bust


The great divide is now a grand canyon. For months now, I’ve been pushing back against the corporate media’s blatant bias against Bernie Sanders – from the Bernie blackout to to the continual disregard for the DNC’s directives NOT to include the superdelegates in their running totals and beyond. I’ve been ashamed of the Democratic party leadership and those in the caucus who were so intimidated they followed their orders and endorsed the Clinton candidacy before her opponent even announced his run. And now, I’m seeing all of these factions colluding to undermine a sitting US Senator and presidential candidate who’s giving the anointed one more than a run for her (considerable) money.

All week long, I’ve been screaming about the lies being told by the party to the pundits to the so-called journalists who all apparently followed the misguided lead lies put forth by former journalist Jon Ralston about “chairs being thrown.”  Finally, some in the media are coming around to admitting they’d been had, or just plain lazy. 

I’m still waiting for MSNBC (Mute Sanders, Nothing But Clinton) and CNN (the Clinton News Network) to issue corrections and apologies, though I’m not holding my breath!

As for MSNBC, they have gone beyond reprehensible. Take this Tamron Hall interview interrogation of Nina Turner as Exhibit A of how far they’ve fallen.

Following up on that interrogation, I asked my listeners their thoughts if we were to head into the general election with a Clinton-Trump contest — hold your nose and vote against Trump, embrace Hillary and vote blue, leave the presidential line blank but vote on the down-ticket races, or encourage Bernie Sanders to run as an independent? Perhaps you had another idea, though not voting is not an option. 

I hope the Democratic Party is paying attention because of all the calls I took this morning, I think maybe one person said he’d vote Clinton to keep Trump from appointing any SCOTUS justices. 

Howie Klein blogs at Down with Tyranny and, along with Digby and John Amato runs the Blue America PAC, and he joins us every Thursday morning on my show. Blue America identifies and help raise money for the most progressive candidates in the nation. They have a Berniecrats page to help raise money for congressional candidates who’ve endorsed Bernie and are running on his platform. We MUST support these candidates. Please visit the page and get to work for them! 

Two articles that Howie posted this morning both touch on these issues: “Congressional Primaries Will Be Fought Right Through September– Here Are The Important Ones,” and “Koch Brothers Prepare To Go To War Against Democrats, While Schumer, Reid And Wasserman Schultz Go To War Against Progressives.”