Senate Democrats staged a rebellion yesterday against President Obama, sort of. Almost unanimously, they voted against the procedural motion to open debate on granting the president Fast Track or Trade Promotion Authority, which most experts say is the only way he’d be able to pass this massive trade deal (that is about much, much more than just trade).

Campaign for America’s Futures‘ Dave Johnson has been writing about all aspects of the TPP and the president’s push for Fast Track. Click here for the directory of his articles, including his latest on what happened yesterday and what we can expect going forward, which we also discussed on today’s show.

In the first hour, I welcomed my friend (and fellow resident of FloriDUH) Deborah Newell Tornello back to the show for a new segment we call “The Oy FloriDUH Files”™.

Some of the only from FloriDUH stories we covered today include

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