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I’ve been trying to stay optimistic now that the former guy is gone from the White House, and the current occupant is exceeding my expectations, but reality keeps getting in the way. More accurately, Republicans are in the way. Today’s Republicans have no morality, no sense of fairness. It seems their mantra was well-learned from the orange one himself: lie, cheat and steal… win, no matter the cost.

The Senate Rules Committee is marking up the For the People Act today, which was supposed to fix the problems in our electoral system. Unfortunately, watching the proceedings this morning was more depressing than anything else, as it’s apparent that the other side has no desire of or intention to insure free and fair elections.

David Atkins wrote for Washington Monthly a thought provoking and frightening article, “What Happens When Republicans Simply Refuse to Certify Democratic Wins?”. David Atkins is my guest today…