Yoko gun RoN


This weekend while I was at a polling location, one of the candidates to be a Hillary Clinton delegate to the convention proclaimed, “I’m the most progressive person here!” Of course, I took exception, pointing out that he was supporting Hillary Clinton. His response was one of the nastier bullshit talking points from the Clinton campaign, claiming that Bernie Sanders is against gun control, specifically the Brady Bill.

So, this morning I played the portion of my most recent interview with Bernie Sanders in which I asked him about that very issue. 

I’m frankly disgusted by the way the Clinton campaign has politicized the gun issue, at one point declaring that Bernie Sanders “places gun manufacturers against the parents of the children killed at Sandy Hook”. 

Over the weekend, I watched the newest documentary from Brave New Films, Making a Killing: Guns, Greed & the NRA. The thing that sets this film apart from others on the subject is that it focuses on the humanity rather than the statistics.

The film spotlights five stories of gun violence, from mass shootings (the Aurora, CO movie theater), unintentional shootings (what the NRA calls accidental, I call negligence), suicides, the impact of gun trafficking, and domestic violence shootings.

A shiver ran down my spine as the first story told in the film unfolded in my town – Coral Springs, FL. Kate Ranta was shot twice by her estranged husband in 2012, her husband was shot multiple times, and her four-year old son witnessed the whole thing. Kate Ranta joined me on the show this morning to tell her story, and explain why she went public with it.

The film is available for free screenings, and there are other ways you can help stop the madness. All the information is at MakingAKilling.com

GottaLaff was here in the second hour, as she is on most Tuesdays. We tried to lighten things up a bit. I hope we succeeded.

Tomorrow, Deborah Newell returns for fun with FloriDUH and we’ll visit with Debbie Lusigane, The Sane Progressive, radio or not!