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We usually spend Tuesdays with @GottaLaff, discussing what’s happening in the news as gleaned from her Twitter stream. Laffy has been dealing with a horribly painful case of tendinitis, affecting both hands! She’s been in physical therapy and hopes to be able to rejoin us sometime soon.

Today, filling her big shoes is Julianna Forlano, who you can usually catch over at Today, we’ll dish on the news, and there’s lots to talk about.

At the top of the show, I shared a NY Times article “What Georgia’s Voting Law Really Does.” You should read the whole thing. But here’s the 16 key provisions that will limit ballot access, potentially confuse voters, and give more power to Republican lawmakers the article identified:

I shared a couple of funny videos today. First, an actual postal worker who has a few choice words for Louis DeJoy


And Lauren Mayer had some words for Joe Manchin


And here’s  today’s show on video, courtesy of Twitter