Yesterday, the framework for a nuclear deal with Iran was announced, and people around the world celebrated! Of course, there are the naysayers too — but many of us prefer to remain optimistic about a giant leap forward!

Vox proclaimed “This is an astonishingly good Iran deal” while The Atlantic wrote “On Iran, the Least Worst Option.” I decided to reach out to a random Iranian citizen to get their thoughts.

So, I found a hotel in Tehran – in this case, the Niloo Hotel, and called, pressing the English option. I didn’t ask the name of the woman I spoke with (I didn’t want to get her in trouble), and we had a lovely conversation in which I learned that the people are celebrating and overjoyed!

It was a heartwarming conversation, and I’m very glad I made the phone call.

Next, I turned my attention toward Chicago where, on Tuesday, voters can send a huge message by sending Rahm Emmanuel packing and electing a real progressive in Chuy Garcia.

One place Garcia enjoys great support is among teachers. Last summer, I broadcast live from the American Federation of Teachers conference, and met a few members of the Chicago Teachers Union, including Joe Linehan. He joined me on the show this morning to talk about why he supports Chuy Garcia, after I spoke with his alter-ego, Rep. Jack Kimble of California…

And then we moved on to our Flashback Friday segment. Every Friday, I usher in the weekend with a musical blast from the past. This week, as Joni Mitchell is in our thoughts (or prayers, if you roll that way), I decided it was time to pull out the interview I did with the legendary musician back in September of 1998.

Joni Mitchell-me 9-9-98

The interview was for an article I was hired to write for a radio trade magazine, so the recording was never intended for air. Joni was eating lunch, and I was off-mic, but the interview was so raw and riveting that I thought it was worth sharing. I hope you’ll listen… and you can read the article I wrote from that interview here.

As many will be celebrating religious holidays this weekend (and many of us will pass), I know we’ll all be thankful for the potential peace in our future, and will keep Joni Mitchell in our thoughts and/or prayers….

I’ll be back Monday to take on a new week, radio or not!