BoB or  Fall in Line



That was the question of the day, and the results of our very unscientific poll were of the landslide variety. All but one of our callers said they were “Bernie or Bust” and most explained quite eloquently why. Only one caller said that, if it’s a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on the ballot, she’ll vote HRC because she’s “scared of Trump.”

Be afraid, be very afraid. It’s working!

In addition to today’s calls, I shared a few very important videos, posted below, that you should share. 

First… the DNC tells CNN to STOP INCLUDING SUPER DELEGATES in their delegate tallies!

Next, Bernie Sanders is still in this race to win it!

 And Keith Olbermann, in a 2008 Special Comment, reminded us why we voted against Hillary Clinton eight years ago!

Tomorrow night is the annual Nerd Prom, or White House Correspondents Dinner. This year, Larry Wilmore will do the roasting of the president and the gathered elite. When thinking back on year’s past, two moments come to mind.

This was possibly the moment Donald Trump decided to run for president, from 2011

And the all-time best, from 2006. The crowd didn’t get it, but Colbert was at his brilliant best!


Have a great weekend. See you Monday, radio or not!