We have things incredibly wrong these days.

President Obama is going full-out in his quest to pass a very bad “trade” deal (that’s about much more than trade), and is pressuring Congress to give him “Trade Promotion Authority” – also known as Track – to push it through with minimal debate and no opportunity for amendments, before they or the American public actually know what’s in it!

As I learned online yesterday, those of us who dare to criticize are hit with the race card for daring to disagree with the first African-American president™ in history.

Need a few arguments for the correct position? Read Dave Johnson’s column at OurFuture.org, as he writes “A Look At The Fast Track Bill Shows It’s The Wrong Thing To Do,” and “Now We Know Why Huge TPP Trade Deal Is Kept Secret From The Public.

The defense of this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad deal is shameful, as are the arguments the ‘bots are pulling out of their collective asses.

You know what else is FUBAR? What he said:

Also FUBAR, that cannabis is still illegal, but doctors write ridiculous amounts of prescriptions for highly addictive and dangerous narcotics every day. And that rape is an epidemic that seems to be growing more and more out of control each day. We zeroed in on those two issues today.

Robert Platshorn just returned to South Florida from Denver where he participated in the Cannabis Cup! We talked about the great strides and successes in the movement to end prohibition in places like Colorado, and the great failures, like ours in FloriDUH. Visit The Silver Tour to find out more about the effort to educate senior citizens about medical marijuana, and watch this:

As for rape, we knew there was an epidemic on college campuses, but not until seeing the new film, The Hunting Ground, did I realize just how bad it is. This morning, the film’s producer Amy Ziering was my guest.

After watching that, it’s time to take action. There are some suggestions at the website…

And for those who can’t bear the horror of reality, show them this:

We usually end the week with a Flashback Friday blast from my music radio past… today, it was Tori Amos from 1994, which I played on the stream after the official part of the show ended. Since Tori founded RAINN after being raped, I thought it was a good segue from that subject into the weekend…

I’ll be back Monday to take on a brand new week, radio or not!