Ny Ny Bernie

It was an epic night in NYC last night, following a day that saw Bernie put on his comfortable shoes to walk the picket line with striking Verizon workers, and getting endorsements from both the NYC Transit Workers Unions and Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon.

Yes, the momentum is there!

And much to my shock, when I went to MSNBC.com this morning looking for a piece of audio, I found this article, “The Bernie Sanders Proxy War in Florida” – about Tim Canova‘s race against Debbie Wasserman Schultz and quotes our friend and regular Thursday morning guest, Howie Klein! 

Howie Klein, a longtime critic of Democratic congressional leaders who runs the Blue America PAC, said supporting candidates like Canova is the next organic phase of the Sanders movement.

“Bernie has made it real clear that the revolution isn’t about getting him in the White House,” he said. “It’s about galvanizing and inspiring a whole generation of people, and many generations of people, to be a part of a mass movement to make real changes to the status quo.”

Blue America has a project called “Bernie Congress” aimed at bolstering campaigns from candidates who back Sanders and meet a high ideological threshold.

It was Driftglass‘ Thursday, and instead of focusing most of his ire on David Brooks, today he saved some sharply worded snark for Jerk Joke Joe Scarborough. 

Tomorrow, Dave Weigel tells us about his week on the road with Bernie, and everything you always wanted to know (and then some) about super delegates, radio or not!

In honor of Bernie’s epic rally last night in Washington Square Park, here’s some New York music for your listening pleasure…