Obama rainbow

It’s that time of the political cycle again – contenders through their hats in the ring and make the ever-elusive campaign promises. Judging by the photo above, President Obama can make rainbows, and one of the occupants of the 2016 clown car will undoubtedly promise a unicorn in every stable.

With Jeb Bush declaring this weekend,

We must do better than the Obama-Clinton foreign policy

the race to Opposite World is going faster that I’d ever imagined!

I put together a very quick Bush mashup….  Feel free to share liberally!

Hillary Clinton announced her official entrance into the race yesterday, by tweeting out this video:

Joel Silberman joined me to talk about the announcement, the almost two years ahead and more, including a post script on the Chuy Garcia challenge to Rahm Emanuel in Chicago.

In the second hour, we got away from presidential politics and into torture and other heinous tools of the politicians. Jason Leopold, now reporting exclusively for Vice News, joined me to talk about the interview he produced with former CIA operative John Kiriakou, as well as his latest FOIA finds, and more…

Tomorrow, the Gliberal Goddesses return, and we’ll learn what it takes to mount a constitutional convention and more from Thomas Schaller… radio or not!