Live Aid tix


Thirty years ago today I was at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia for the American portion of Live Aid. I was with a bus load of WPLJ listeners who won tickets. I somehow still have a pair of unused, virgin tickets from that legendary show that I thought would make a great auction item. And so, they are the first item up for sale in the first (and probably only) Radio Or Not Fundraising Auction! 

I stumbled upon this site that lists all the artists in the order they played around the world, and even the songs they performed. I wish I could remember it!

Right now, that’s the only item listed. The full auction goes live Wednesday morning, though I’ll likely list a few more between now and then, just to add some excitement! Stay tuned…

Today on the show, after a stroll down memory lane, we got down to the business of the so-called librul media and its smears on progressive candidates. Alan Grayson’s announcement that he’s running for the senate seat being vacated by Marco Rubio led to a hit piece by Politico, regurgitated by Steve Kornacki on MSDNC and even more smears by the Daily Beast! 

Joel Silberman joined in on his birthday to talk about the opposite world nature of it all, the news that the AFT endorsed Hillary Clinton over the weekend (before even the first debate, really??), the bad deal for Greece, Netroots Nation and lots more. (By the way, you can read the article Joel mentioned, “The Absolute Moron’s Guide to the Greek Debt Crisis” here.)

Cliff Schecter returned to the show today too to talk about a subject that I’m not happy about, but that we need to discuss nonetheless.

I love Bernie Sanders. I agree with him on more issues than I’ve with any other presidential candidate in all the years I’ve been voting. But we differ on a big massive one – guns. Cliff wrote about it in “Bernie Sanders Parrots the NRA.”

A quick note before I continue. The Alan Grayson hit pieces I cited earlier in this article are indeed smears. They impugn his integrity and make him out to be something he most certainly is not. Cliff’s article is about where Bernie Sanders stands on gun issues. He cites facts, not opinions, and he doesn’t call Bernie names.

I find Bernie’s positions on guns quite troubling, and I hope he gets some decent counsel and comes around to a position more in line with progressives around the country, as he’ll no longer be just a senator representing the people of Vermont.

OK, I have a lot more work to do before this auction gets underway, so that’s it for today.

As promised, I’ll leave you with the video for “We Are The World” – now I have to go find that record and add it to the auction!

I’ll be back tomorrow, radio or not!