1st vote


Bernie came to Miami last night, and Miami felt the Bern. Michigan did too, as voters game him a victory, upsetting the Clinton plan for world domination.

As I was lucky enough to get a golden ticket to tonight’s debate (!), I’ll make this short and sweet today so I can get a short nap before heading back down to Miami.

Still buzzing from Bernie’s Michigan win, we checked in with Michigander Marcy Wheeler, who wrote about what the win means at emptywheel.

Litbrit joined in as she does every Wednesday morning, but today we really didn’t talk FloriDUh. Instead, she told us about what motivated her to become a citizen and cast her first vote for Bernie too! And she explained a bit about her experience in Honduras which helped form her political perspectives. 

And finally, Gaius Publius returned to help push back on the anti-Sanders corporate media narrative. Find his archives on tumblr, and be sure to subscribe to his newsletter so you don’t miss an article.

Before I go… the video I played on today’s show, courtesy of our friends at Bernie2016.tv on religion

and the stream of last night’s rally in Miami.  Feel the Bern, and I’ll see you tomorrow, no doubt with some debate stories to share, radio or not.