There were three Democratic caucuses and one primary election this weekend. If you got all your news from the mainstream, corporate media, you’d probably be thinking that Clinton swept them all. She actually only won in Louisiana, with Bernie logging big victories in Kansas, Nebraska and Maine.

Since I saw nothing about the Maine caucus results except for Bernie mentioning his win during the debate last night, I called on my old friend Jim Bleikamp to fill us in. Jim owns and runs Radio 9 WCME in Bridgeport, Maine, and participated in his first caucus yesterday.

Media trainer and strategist Joel Silberman returned for our regular Monday morning quarterbacking session.

In hour two, we looked at the future of media. As you know, I’ve been blazing internet radio trails since 2000(!), so it’s nice to see my vision materializing. Nowhere is the power of independent media, citizen journalism and interactive participation more successful or evident than at – the YouTube channel that streams Bernie Sanders rallies and original programming dealing with Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. This morning, I spoke with the channel’s founder and leader, John Ellis! 

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Tomorrow, US Senate candidate from Ohio PG Sittenfeld, and the Gliberal Goddesses™ return… radio or not!