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Today is Tuesday, that means we visit with GottaLaff for a segment where we dish on the news of the day, as gleaned from her Twitter stream…

While we’re stuck in our homes, practicing social distancing and trying to stay away from droplets of COVID-19, it’s important to make the effort to reach out to old friends. In addition to covering the news and snark of the day, we reached out to our friend Amy Simon, and brought together a reunion of the Gliberal Goddesses!

As promised, I’m now posting the parody songs and comedy bits I play on each day’s show on the blog. So, here’s what we played to.

The opening song was from a guy named Robert Emmett Kelly, who took the lyrics written by Chris Franklin and set them to music.

And this bit, sent to me by a listener, is from perhaps the best Trump impersonator I’ve ever seen… His name is JL Cauvin