Killing off millions of Americans by taking away their healthcare didn’t work out so well for President D’ump, so now he’s just trying to kill the planet. His latest travesty Executive Order rescinds most of President Obama’s work to protect the planet.

Yesterday, I interviewed Trump acolyte Roger Stone. He has a new book out and will be appearing at The Palm Beach Bookstore in Palm Beach (not West Palm Beach, but the exclusive Palm Beach) on Thursday April 6 from 5:30-7:30, should you care to check out his back tatoo of Richard Nixon in person.

Anyway, I started reading The Making of the President 2016 in preparation for the interview, but I just couldn’t get through it… so I asked the regulars in my chat room if anyone wanted to give it a shot. Natalie Davis, the amazing woman behind GDPR – Revolution 99  offered, so I sent her the book. Today, she gave us a book report!

Then it was time for GottaLaff, who hangs with us every Tuesday.

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow to hear my epic 52-minute conversation with Roger Stone. #Girlfriend