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The Senate unanimously passed its coronavirus relief package – basically another billionaire bailout that many, including NY Gov Andrew Cuomo are criticizing. HuffPost Senior Reporter Zach Carter  wrote about it in a piece titled, “Democrats Are Handing Donald Trump The Keys To The Country” and he joins in to talk about what’s so bad about it…

Then it’s Thursday, so Howie Klein joins in to add his thoughts to the mix… The headline of his latest piece up at Down With Goal ThermometerTyranny is “The Pandemic Is Killing Progressive Congressional Campaigns– We Can’t Let That Happen“. So Blue America is doing a special fundraiser for all the congressional candidates they’ve endorsed who are running on a Medicare for All platform. Find the list and contribute, if you’re able to, by clicking on the thermometer:





I’ve been posting the comedy bits I play at the top of the show each day. Today’s comes from our friend Lauren Mayer: