Gliberal Goddesses


Today’s show began with the sickening news about what likely happened to the airliner that went down Tuesday in the French Alps. The brain cannot comprehend a pilot deliberately flying a plane with 150 lives on board into a mountain side. Just unbelievable.

“Woes” doesn’t even begin to describe the sadness and incomprehensible human behavior.

For the “Walker” news, we turned to Harvey J. Kaye, professor of Democracy & Justice at University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, and author of a number of must-read books including Thomas Paine and the Promise of America and his latest, The Fight for the Four Freedoms: What Made FDR and the Greatest Generation Truly Great.

Harvey witnessed firsthand Scott Walker’s assault on organized labors and the less-publicized attacks on the state university system, and gave us a refresher course on what Walker inflicted on Wisconsin (and a look at what a Walker WH administration might try to do to the nation).

In the second hour, the Gliberal Goddesses™ gathered for one final show during Women’s History Month 2015, which included a reading from She’s History the play.

If you’re new to the show, the Gliberal Goddesses are GottaLaff, Amy Simon and yours truly… we get together every other Thursday to dish on whatever we feel like talking about.

We weren’t the only ones talking about gender equality this week, as The Daily Show beat us to it last night:

I may take tomorrow off (if I do, we’ll run a whole bunch of our Flashback Friday music sessions back to back all day), or I might be here… I’ll let you know in the chat room, and on Twitter and Facebook either way, radio or not!