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We’re all trying to figure out how to navigate life in the coronavirus lane. Dr. Steven Thrasher returns to the show to discuss his latest article for Slate, “I Study Prisons and AIDS History. Here’s Why Self-Isolation Really Scares Me,” in which he deals with the dilemma of “social distancing v. social isolation”.

And then we visit with our old friend Wendell Potter, as the 10th anniversary of passage of the Affordable Care Act just passed, and we’re in dire need of Medicare for All, now more than ever! These days, Wendell serves as president of the organizations Medicare For All Now and Business for Medicare for All.

I promised I’d post the link to David Dayen’s analysis of the senate relief bill, and it’s not good. Read away… I’m going to try to get Dave on the show tomorrow or Friday.


Of course, we really needed the funny today… We played three bits–  Enjoy!