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I got my second Moderna vaccine today. Not knowing if I’d have a reaction or not, I kept things loose for today’s show. So, we’ll just deal with the midweek madness in general.

For example, a jury has been seated in the murder trial for the ex-cop who killed George Floyd. We’ll check in with Jack Rice, our defense attorney in Minneapolis for the latest.

Israel had another national election– the fourth in the last two years, and Bibi still didn’t garner enough seats to form a government. As we did the last time it appeared that Netanyahu lost his bid, we may try to call a random Israeli citizen… And we’ll see whatever else the day brings, and if I get hit with any second dose side effects during the show!

Speaking of getting my vaccine, here’s some music to get inoculated by from Meidas Touch & Heather Gardner


And here’s the video version of today’s show