Yoko gun RoN

We begin today with another edition of Guns in the News™. 

The first two stories come from afar: a massacre in Tunisia with at least 20 people dead, and another 20 or so injured at a museum loaded with tourists. An update this morning tells us that ISIS has claimed responsibility; and a shooting at a pub in Gothenburg, Sweden that left two people dead and 10 injured, attributed to gang activity.

The third mass shooting yesterday was here in the good ole’ USA, in the state that is akin to the wild west when it comes to guns, Arizona. 

Earlier today a shooter went on a rampage in Mesa, Arizona, allegedly killing one man, injuring five others and stealing a car.

According to the SPLC, Ryan Giroux is a well-known member of hate groups in the area.

In addition to the sad reality of these stories, there’s another troubling aspect. I was up early this morning (thank you insomnia), so saw the beginning of MSNBC’s “Way Too Early” and “Morning Joke Jerk Joe.”

The lead story on both shows was the shooting in Tunisia. The second story was the shooting in Sweden. And then they moved on to other things. In the two hours or so I made myself watch, not a mention was made of the shooting in Arizona. Perhaps it’s just that a shooting in the US where “only” one person is killed is the new normal and not considered a “news” story? That’s not only shameful, but sickening.

When I invited Cliff Schecter on the show today, we hadn’t had a shooting of note in a while. Sadly, that all changed yesterday. And Cliff and I had planned on just having fun at Aaron Schock’s expense today, but we had to get all serious about guns too.

As for the Gams, I really didn’t need to see Bill Clinton’s legs, real or simulated. But a new ad created by a new PAC that claims to support a Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential bid features a big-headed Bill Clinton (redundant, perhaps) in a dress (really – Bill Clinton and a dress, do we need to bring up that correlation?), campaigning to be “first lady”.

When I played it for GottaLaff on the show today, she was as confused by it as I was!

I also enlisted Laffy for another edition of “Oy FloriDUH” with these stories:

That last one leaves a big opening in Little Debbie land… and it looks like Will Ferrell is taking advantage…

And finally, Zach Carter of Huffington Post joined me to talk about yesterday’s TPP briefing to House Democrats, who were cautioned 

Any member of Congress who shares information with the public from a Wednesday briefing could be prosecuted for a crime.

Ahh, it’s Ameristan, land of the not-so-free, home of the deceived.

Tomorrow, we’ll stick a fork in the week with Cindy Sheehan on the 12th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, and a musical blast from the past to segue into the weekend, radio or not!