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Today is Day 48 of the Biden administration, and we’re one day closer to a bit of relief.

The House today passed the Senate’s revised version of the American Rescue Plan Act. Next it goes to the White House for President Biden’s signature. Tomorrow night, he begins the process of explaining what’s in it to the American people! I think this is the perfect time to take stock of where we are, and look at Biden’s first 48 days in office through a progressive lens. How’s he doing?

I’ll ask Mike Lux, a real progressive Democrat who’s worked within the Democratic Party for decades. We went through some of the finer points of the American Relief Plan Act. Paul Waldman at the Washington Post had a great primer on what’s in it:Hidden provisions in Biden’s rescue bill make this a bigger deal than you thought”

Then, because it’s been too long, we’ll finish the show with a visit from Julianna Forlano of

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