this way to dem debate


I was there! My first time attending a presidential debate. And it just might have been Bernie Sanders’ best debate outing yet. Still beaming from his Michigan victory and Miami rally the night before, Bernie bore a big smile – as genuine as his normal gruffness. The crowd loved him, even though there were noticeably fewer Bernie supporters than Hillary fans in the crowd. The Bernie people were in a party mood, laughing, chanting, cheering on our candidate, while the Hillary folks just seemed angry that we were having fun. 

This morning, Harvey J. Kaye called in from the road to talk about the strangest campaign season in our lifetimes.

And in the second hour, I welcomed Bruce Jacobs to the show. Bruce is a Miami-based attorney who represents homeowners in foreclosure. Full disclosure, he’s our attorney, representing David and me, and he’s awesome. Plus he feels the Bern, big time!

If you’re in the same boat we are, visit, or call him at 866-DEBT-WAR.

And good luck to us all…

In case you missed it, here’s the entire debate from last night

And today’s pre-show music

Back tomorrow to end the week, radio or not!