Isn’t that how the old saying goes? Although we certainly won’t go out like a lamb, the month got off to a good start, show-wise anyway!

The two hours flew by tonight… I started by telling my story of seeing Lily Tomlin on Friday night, and how she just might join me on the show sometime soon!  I hope so, anyway… Although this is an absolutely horrible picture of me, it’s the only one I took with the amazing Lily Tomlin, so I have to show it off!

Nicole, Lily Tomlin, Eva

My first guest on the show tonight is a new friend who feels like an old friend!  She goes simply by Laffy or @GottaLaff (follow her that way on Twitter), as she blogs at  We talked about blogging, news, journalism, education and much more!

Hour two began as Victoria Jones checked in with tonight’s news report from the Talk Radio News Service.  We took a slight break from news and politics with a visit from Mark Goodman. Although you likely remember him as one of the original MTV VJs, Mark now plays music on one of my favorite Sirius/XM channels, The Spectrum, as well as the 80s channel, and one of their classic rock channels too.

And we wrapped up the show with a visit from Brad Friedman of BradBlog, who gave us an update on the ongoing saga of the James O’Keefe/Andrew Breitbart ACORN smear/ doctored videos/ NY Times Journalism Fail.

A postscript…  I had a run-in with the afore-mentioned creep, Andrew Breitbart in October of 2008.  I was a guest on the Marc Germain Show on talkradioone (who streams my show today!).  Marc invited me on with right wing nutjob Breitbart a month before the presidential election.  Although I’m always up for a good-spirited debate on the issues, I was stunned at the vitriol with which Breitbart came at me, and the lies he told.  Click here to listen to that show, and you’ll understand what Andrew Breitbart is all about… and it isn’t good. Warning: lots of profanity!