smite or smitten


A listener sent me this picture. He said it appeared on his screen just as the Senate was voting to smite working Americans.

“Smite” was the word that came to me when I saw the photo. But the insanity of the English language was apparent when I thought “Congress has been smitten.” If they had been smitten, they would be loving us and wouldn’t have voted the way they did on Fast Track.

Oh, the strange thoughts we have in the middle of the night when worries keep us awake.

Thankfully, SCOTUS pulled me in off the ledge – momentarily, any way – today, when they ruled the right way on the Affordable Care Act. Yes, the long-awaited Obamacare decision was announced just as the show began, and they voted 6-3 in favor of upholding the government subsidies to help Americans afford our insanely expensive health insurance.

Obviously, six of the justices are smitten with us; three want to smite us. Got it?

Either tomorrow or Monday, we’ll get the remaining four decisions including the future of civilization! Will marriage equality be the law of the land, or will the court smite the gays? Stay tuned, as the world turns.

Knowing that decision will come down any day now, I invited Brian Silva, executive director of Marriage Equality USA to give us the history of the fight for marriage equality, tell us about this case and what happens next….

And today, I was thrilled to welcome the awesome Driftglass back to the show! In addition to Driftglass’ must-read blog, he co-hosts the Professional Left Podcast with his equally awesome wife Bluegal (aka Fran).

The response to his first appearance on the show was so overwhelmingly positive that I invited him back on for a regular segment. With young kids at home, doing the show every week is difficult, but he agreed to come on every other Thursday morning… starting today! Enjoy!

Tomorrow, I’ll call out our resident Republican on the millions of dollars his party wasted on votes to overturn Obamacare (can I get my tax dollars back, please?) and their rooting against marriage equality. And then soothe our inner savage beasts with a musical blast from my music radio past, radio or not!