I’m excited that my friend Sara Robinson is blogging again. In addition to being a great writer, Sara is a Futurist.  After telling us how a futurist uses history and science to make their predictions, we discussed one that she made back in 2011 and wrote about in a post titled, “What We Know About The Progressive Future, Part I: Here Come The Millennials.”

. Back in January 2011, I wrote this about them:

The Millennial generation (born 1980-2000) is the largest and most ethnically diverse generation in American history, with 44% identifying as members of a racial minority. They are the most globally connected generation to date: they travel more, speak more languages, and have friends all over the world. They are more progressive in their core values and attitudes that any cohort we’ve seen in at least a century. And they are rising fast: by 2020, they will be outvoting their elders, dominating elections and bringing their own priorities to the table. We can expect the Millennials to launch their first serious presidential candidate in 2020, and elect their first president probably no later than 2024.

The future, according to Sara, is indeed bright. I’ll take it.

Of course, we spoke about some of the things I brought up earlier in the show about the Iowa caucuses and Hillary Clinton’s declaration that she won. Oy…

Speaking of Oy, today’s Wednesday, so Deborah Newell joined me to talk a bit about FloriDUH. Of course, when talking about crazy FloriDUH these days, we can’t forget some of the biggest nuts who live down here: Trump, Bush, Rubio, Carson and Huckabee. Seriously.

But I saved most of my disgust today for the latest recipient of the World’s Biggest Asshole designation… Chris Matthews, or Tweety as he is known to many.

Tweety, after declaring last year that the GOP nomination would go to Rand Paul, and punctuating that asinine statement with “You watch, this is what I do for a living” (don’t believe me? Listen for yourself:)


If that wasn’t enough to get him kicked off of his high horse, maybe this is. I first learned about his sickening statements via Charlie Pierce at Esquire… 

Now, though, apparently, Matthews sees HRC as the only thing keeping the Battleship Potemkin from sailing up his driveway.

I’m going to say this bluntly. The only person standing between a confirmed socialist who is calling for political revolution in this country winning the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party, which has always been more moderate than that, is you. So, when you saw that rally last night, the young people all around Senator Sanders, when he yelled “revolution” out there, and they all applauded like mad, do you think that’s going to help in the general election or is it what we used to call in the Sixties an NDC candidacy—”November Doesn’t Count”—we just want to win the party, we don’t care about the general. You seem to be focused on the general. How do you beat a person who comes along in the primaries who says, ‘I’m going to give you everything you want: free tuition, more Social Security benefits, no increase in your taxes, free health-care from birth, all of it government-paid.’ How do you compete with a revolution? A revolution of promises, really.

That was all I needed to get my panties in a serious bunch, so I went in search of the actual interview, and it was even worse than Charlie relayed to his readers. See for yourself.


Arghh! I’m trying, I really am, to be nice. But she needs to cut it out!

Back tomorrow with Harvey J. Kaye and Howie Klein too.. radio or not!