Bernie runner



While the cable “news” pundits and some holier-than-thou bloggers are declaring it game over for Bernie Sanders, the man who’s raised more money from more individual donors than any other presidential candidate in history is making one thing abundantly clear, he’s going the distance

Don’t be fooled!

Last night, while Bernie was hosting rallies in Minnesota and Oklahoma, Hillary Clinton held a $500 a head fundraiser at a private home in Charleston, South Carolina where Black Lives Matter activists took her on.

 Meanwhile, across the aisle, Mittens Rmoney is pulling a Harry Reid on Donald Trump, and says there must be a bombshell in the alleged-billionaire’s tax returns! 

Tonight, the remaining Republicans get behind their podiums again on CNN, and I’ll recap it tomorrow as I guest host the BradCast with my special guest Randi Rhodes! 

Today is Thursday, so Harvey J. Kaye joined in to talk about the un-democratic practices of the Democratic Party, and Howie Klein gave us some insight on electability (Bernie gives Dems a path to victory where it appears Hillary does not)  and pushing back on the conservadems. 

Tomorrow, we’ll wrap up the week… radio or not!