About an hour after today’s show ended, an AP alert popped up on my iPad that read “Hillary Clinton wins Democratic caucuses in Iowa.” After going in search of the final numbers, I question the use of the word “wins”. 

Iowa caucus results-AP

 It sure looks like a tie to me! And considering that Bernie Sanders was unknown and polled at O’Malley levels a few short months ago, this looks like a victory for Sanders to me.

This morning, we reached across the pond again to talk with Denis Campbell of UK Progressive and the Three Muckrakers podcast. He lived through a medical emergency last week in Wales, and told us all about his experience with Britain’s National Health Service. (Hint: We should only be so lucky over here.)

In hour two, it was GottaLaff… 

I said that the Jill Sobule and Vampire Weekend for Bernie video was posted on yesterday’s show page, but I lied. Here it is today. Jill and her fellow Sandrews Sisters appear right at the beginning. Enjoy,  and feel the bern!