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He was a little late calling in, but Congressman Alan Grayson joined us today to talk about everything from music to war, the AUMF, Jeb Bush and a lot more.

One issue Grayson has been adamantly opposed to is the Trans-Pacific Partnership and, more immediately, the president’s push for “Trade Promotion Authority,” also referred to as Fast Track, which would require a very fast up or down vote with no amendments and very limited debate. And no time to read and digest all that’s in this deal.

Congress hasn’t even seen the text of the treaty, nor have we. The few sections we have are thanks to the fine folks at Wikileaks.   If it’s just a trade deal, why all the secrecy?

 The vote on Fast Track should be coming quickly. Check out Congressman Grayson’s TradeTreachery.com, and help stop this assault on our future.

 Amy Simon stopped by for a few minutes at the end of the show to tell us about the time she met Gilda Radner, and her friendship with Laraine Newman too.

Tomorrow, we’ll wrap up the week with an in studio visit from Boca Brittany, and a Flashback Friday musical offering to kick off the weekend… radio or not.