little steven and alison nic-bruce












Tonight, I’ll take my 16-year old daughter to her first Bruce Springsteen concert. I’m so proud! That is a 5-year old Alison above with Little Steven, and a much younger me with Bruce in those photos above. I used to lead a much more glamorous life. Tonight, we’ll be in the regular seats with no chance to add to our photo library.

On the show today, I spoke with Donna Smith who we first “met” when she was featured in Michael Moore’s Sicko. These days, she’s in remission, and is working as the executive director of Progressive Democrats of America, and continues fighting for single-payer universal healthcare. Read her recent articles at Common Dreams. And if you haven’t yet, please sit  down and watch Sicko. You can thank me later. 

If it’s Tuesday, it’s @GottaLaff day… and no, she and I are NOT the same person!

OK, I’m off to get into Bruce mode… see you tomorrow, radio or not!