Lennon glasses


Imagine how much better this would would have been had John Lennon not been gunned down outside of The Dakota 35 years ago tonight.

Instead, we were robbed of Lennon’s genius – and all the music left unwritten – when a killer’s bullet silenced our generation’s chief purveyor of peace.

And the streets of the US are more dangerous today than they were 35 years ago and, for that and so much more, we should be ashamed.

To help propel gun sales, the NRA has encouraged a climate of fear. We’re sold fear from our elected officials doing Wayne LaPierre’s bidding to help sell more guns and more ammo. It’s a vicious cycle, spinning furiously in place, ever expanding the black hold of violence that’s engulfed this nation.

As if the actual guns weren’t bad enough, the rhetoric is catching up, courtesy of Donald Trump. He of the hideous hair and bombastic bluster believes that fomenting distrust and division is the way to the White House. Sadly, it seems to be working in his favor,

Who’d have ever thought that the front runner for the presidential nomination by a major political party would suggest the US ban all Muslims from entering the country? But that’s exactly what T Rump the Terrible suggested yesterday.

One of the more refreshingly honest exchanges I’ve seen on TV lately was on Rachel Maddow’s show last night when she was talking with Richard Engel who had returned to the US from an extended trip covering the Middle East mess.


Opposite world, indeed.

In hour two, the Gliberal Goddesses gathered to shoot the shit about everything… GottaLaff, Amy Simon and yours truly…

Tomorrow, another dip into the Oy FloriDUH files and the great Harry Shearer returns to the show too, radio or not!