I neglected to post this show yesterday due to technical problems (here we go again). Let’s keep our fingers crossed…

What an awful week this was. The world is a crazy place and seems to be growing more so with each passing day.

On Fridays, we try to lighten things up a bit with the very funny Julianna Forlano in hour one, and our Flashback Friday musical blast from my radio past in hour two.  

It’s hard to be hopeful knowing that the next (Aurora, Newtown, San Bernardino, fill in the blank) could happen at any time, in any place. But Julianna’s news that she has a baby on the way(!) made the day a lot brighter!

For Flashback Friday, I was going to share a couple of sessions featuring artists who participated in the annual Gimme Shelter benefit concert at The Roxy. 

First up, we went back to Los Angeles, December 1996. Emmylou Harris, Susanna Hoffs, and Duncan Sheik joined me in the fm 101.9 Music Hall, each performing a song to promote the show that night at the Roxy.

And then, I jumped ahead to 1999 for a session at Channel 103.1. with Peter Himmelman, the one artist who had participated in every Gimme Shelter concert in its 10 years. Just as he launched into his first song, my computer crashed. Screen just went black out of nowhere, providing a very abrupt ending to the show. 

So, we’ll play the Peter Himmelman session next week, and hope it comes at the end of a better week all around.