2 days



We’re counting down to the end of the year by remembering some of the stories we covered this year.

In light of the news out of Cleveland yesterday, when the prosecutor announced that no charges will be filed in the shooting death by cops of 12-year old Tamir Rice last November.

Cliff Schecter joined me to talk guns many times this year. As he also lives in Ohio, I invited him on this morning to discuss our gun epidemic.

Amy Simon of She’s History joined in to talk about women’s issues this year. 

And Julianna Forlano brought the laughs, and agreed to play along with my game of “Notable Quoteables of 2015” too!

Don’t forget to check out the BradCast, as I’m guest hosting this week too!

Tomorrow, one more dip into the Oy FloriDUH files for the year, and John Nichols returns for our annual look at the Progressive Honor Roll, radio or not!