Santa square



We’ve come to that time of the year again, when little kids go to bed thinking they’ll be able to stay awake to see Santa come down the chimney and load the gifts under the tree. Or the Jewish Christmas tradition… Chinese food and movies.

However you celebrate, I hope your Christmas is a happy one, filled with the best of friends, family and food. OK, and the presents too.

I was on live this morning. Driftglass joined me one last time for 2015, railing against the insanity that is the GOP, among other things. Please check out his blog, the Professional Left Podcast he hosts with his amazing wife Fran, and her blog too. Hopefully we’ll get them both on the air in the new year!

In hour two, Dave Johnson joined in from the Campaign for America’s Future where he serves as a senior fellow. Today, we spoke about two of his pieces: “Lack Of Public Options Shows How The Economy Gets Rigged Against Us” and “The Country is Moving Left“.

Tomorrow, for Christmas, we’ll run a Flashback Friday marathon filled with musical blasts from my radio past. I’ll be back here with another new live show on Monday, to count down till the end of 2015 (and my wedding), radio or not!