the future

I know I scared a few people this morning when I tweeted out in advance of the show something about a big announcement concerning my future on today’s show. Sorry about that! But after 7 years together, 5 years living together and 4 years engaged, David and I finally decided to make it legal. We’re getting married New Year’s Eve. 

But don’t worry, I’ll still do my show that morning and fill in on the BradCast that day too. I know, there’s something wrong with me. Oh well..

We just got  back from getting our marriage license, so this will be short, but sweet.

Joel Silberman returned today after being gone last week on The Nation‘s annual cruise. We talked about the debate(s), the DNC kerfuffle, and lots more, and it was great to have him back!

In the second hour, I spoke with Michael Wille – the libertarian-leaning Republican who lied his way into the Frank Luntz- Donald Trump focus group last week to get a handle on what his fellow Republicans are thinking. We all learned a lot from that.

Read the Daily Beast article about Michael’s “Trump Trolling” here. The CBS News segment on the focus group from Face the Nation is here:

Tomorrow, we’re one day closer to the end of the year (and my wedding day)… I’ll be back with the Gliberal Goddesses and whatever else the day brings, radio or not!