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The news is horrific. So bad, in fact, that the White House coronavirus task force is issuing a dire warning about what’s yet to come. They’re ominously predicting that a further post-Thanksgiving surge will compromise medical care overall. My old friend Spocko is trying to get everyone to pay attention. He has a new piece up at Crooks & Liars and joins us today.

But first, we’ll check in with Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee for a post-mortem on the 2020 elections.

I played two funnies today. First up, Lauren Mayer, who’s “Warnocking her Ossoff”

And then, I played this one… thanks to the listener who sent me the YouTube link. Someone just posted the video with no attribution, but I now know it’s the work of the Van Vuuren Bros


And finally, today’s show…