chicago to rahm

As you may know, Driftglass joins me every other Thursday morning to talk about what ever is on his mind (usually what he’s ranting about on his blog or on the Professional Left Podcast with his wife, BlueGal Fran), but today I turned the tables on him.

I’ve been watching the developments in Chicago in the wake of the release of the police dashcam video showing a white cop pumping 16 bullets into a teenager armed with only a small knife, who was actually moving away from the officer.

Knowing that Driftglass lives in Illinois, I asked him if we could talk about the protests calling for Rahm Emanuel’s resignation, and he was more than happy to oblige. We learned a lot more about the Chicago political machine than we needed to know, but it’s good information to have. 

It is worth noting the cautionary tale we can glean from this situation: Chicagoans had the opportunity to rid themselves of the scourge of Rahm a mere eight months ago, as progressive champion Chuey Garcia challenged him. Although Garcia outperformed expectations, just imagine how different things would be in Chicago today if voters had actually shown up to throw Emanuel out of office.

We have that opportunity on a national scale come November. We can elect someone who’ll upend the DC machine and actually work for the people instead of the corporations. I think Bernie Sanders is truly our last, best hope. Let’s not blow this one!

I also shared this Mother Jones article about the Chicago PD’s “black site” detention facility known as Homan Square. Stay tuned for  this one to break wide open. How it hasn’t already is beyond me!

Howie Klein was supposed to be with us today too, but he awoke under the weather. So we explored more of Trump’s insane narcissism and delusions, learned more about our most racist Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia, and that Ted Rafael Cruz’ is a climate change denier.

Tomorrow, we’ll wrap up the week with a visit from mom-to-be Julianna Forlano, and a musical blast from my radio past… radio or not.