November 4. It’s my birthday, and one for which I am incredibly grateful. I was diagnosed with and appear to have kicked cancer during my 56th year.

Election Day, as it falls on the first Tuesday in November, occasionally falls on my birthday. My first presidential vote was cast November 4, 1980. I voted for Jimmy Carter, but Ronald Reagan was elected president on my 21st birthday!

Fast forward to my 49th … November 4, 2008, Barack Obama – our first African American president – was elected on my 49th birthday.

Today I turn 47 and in a few days, we’ll elect either our first female president or quite possibly, our final president. All bets are off!

On today’s show, after a news update (more of a conversation, actually) with Bob Ney, I was joined by Brad Friedman of the Bradblog and Bradcast. I had noticed that his show on Wednesday was very similar to my show on Wednesday, so I invited him to call in to have some fun and talk about the right all of a sudden being concerned with votes being flipped.

Then Mimi Kennedy, actress/activist/author, joined in to talk about election integrity and the “Fraction Magic” capability built into all of the electronic voting machines.

I don’t do a show on Mondays, so we’ll talk next on Tuesday.. .Election Day. Good luck to us all. I think we’re going to need it…