“Hell Freezes Over” – That was the headline that flashed in my mind while watching Meet the Press yesterday, as Shuck Toad pushed back against Donald Trump’s lies. Why his lies about seeing “thousands of people dancing in the streets” while watching the World Trade Center collapse on 9-11 were the ones that caused Mr. Toad to grow a pair is beyond me. 

That headline also works as COP21 -the UN conference on climate change – gets underway in France today, just as the phrase  “typical weather patterns” is bound for the dictionary of arcane expressions. 

Today on the show, Joel Silberman – media trainer & strategist extraordinaire – joined me in hour one to talk about the Sunday shows other media failures in this insane election cycle. 

Digby was my guest in the second hour, talking about the ugly phenomenon of inflammatory rhetoric from GOP presidential candidates likely contributing to the openly blatant bigotry and xenophobia and other frightening American political trends.

As promised, here’s that article detailing the 14 characteristics of fascism.

Today’s pre-show music celebrating the climate conference:

Tomorrow– David Silverman, president of American Atheists, and the Gliberal Goddesses return, radio or not!