With much of the country taking the day after Thanksgiving as a holiday, I figured I might as well do a show. After all, I’d only be taking a day for myself to relax, clean a bit, watch a movie.. anything but shop. Instead, I thought I’d do something constructive and produce new show for others who are also not shopping today!

As usual, we’ll start with a bit of humor and cover the latest news.And perhaps we’ll end with an interview. I’ll give you the choice… an informative interview about Medicare for All, or a musical interview as we officially enter the holiday season.

***Update on the interview – we wound up doing both. The first was with Dr. Steffie Woolhandler, the co-founder of Physicians for a National Health Program who, along with cofounder Dr. David Himmelstein authored an article for The Nation titled “The ‘Public Option’ on Health Care Is a Poison Pill”.

And because we could, I ran long today, and shared an interview with (and performance from ) Melissa Etheridge who joined me on the air at WXRV 92.5 The River in Boston back in December of 2003. Enjoy!