crying statue of liberty

Congress is debating a xenophobic, bigoted bill that would prevent the US from taking in any refugees from Syria or Iraq. Oh, and no Muslims, period. Only Christians. And Jeb! knows how to tell if someone is Christian… or not.

This will be short and sweet today, as I’m preparing to stream Bernie Sanders’s 2pm ET speech on Democratic Socialism from Georgetown. 

But aside from our xenophobic Congress and American people, I came across some other disconcerting news regarding the FloriDUH senate race. Apparently, Alan Grayson has quietly endorsed Hillary Clinton. 

I’ve been trying to get a comment from his campaign all morning. So far, all I’ve been able to muster is a “checking” response from the campaign’s press person. Ack!!!

Harvey J. Kaye joined in to talk Bernie Sanders and what he needs to do in today’s speech – what I think is a make or break moment for the campaign. Either way, I’m all in for Bernie. And heartbroken about Alan Grayson. Ugh. 

See you back here at 2 ET, radio or not!