fri 13


I’ll make this short and sweet today. It’s Friday the 13th – the third one in 2015! Not that that means anything… But I played some great pre-show music (set embedded at the bottom of this post). The day got off to a lucky start, though, as space junk came hurling toward Earth this morning, but apparently dropped into the ocean. Click here for info and the video play by play! 

Julianna Forlano joined me and told us she’s preggers!!  A baby Forlano is on the way, and I’m thrilled (cuz you know it’s all about me).

Donald Trump had a epic Ben Carson-themed meltdown in Iowa last night that’s worth watching just for the spectacle of it.


The Democrats debate for the second time tomorrow night — yes, on a Saturday night You can “thank” Debbie Wasserman Schultz for that one. But here are the details:

The debate will last two hours and begin at 9 p.m. Eastern time. It should look markedly different than the last Democratic debate: With just three candidates, each participant should be able to speak for a length of time equivalent to a stump speech.

CBS News says there will be no opening statements. Candidates will have 60 seconds to respond, 30 seconds for rebuttals and follow-ups, and 60 seconds for closing statements.

The chat room will be open, so come on by and hang with us!

It’s Friday, so we end the week with a musical blast from my radio past in our Flashback Friday segment. Today, as she has a new book out, we went back to July of 1999 for my interview with Chrissie Hynde of Pretenders. It’s fascinating to hear the difference in her between our interview, and the NPR interview that went so terribly wrong last month.   NPR’s David Greene described her as a “really tough interview.” Funny, my experience with her was the exact opposite  

I’ll be back Monday to take on a whole new week, radio or not!